Underlayment – is the first layer that is unrolled and nailed down over all of the plywood (known as decking). This offers complete coverage. We have options that are tear-proof, water-proof, and breathe-able.

Leak Barrier – this is also known as, “ice and water shield,” because that’s exactly what it does. This rubberized protective sheet, comes in a 3-foot wide roll. It is used around the entire perimeter of the roof and at all valley’s/ penetrations. Basically, it ensures that all vulnerable areas are fully protected from leaks.

Pipe Flashing – this product is used at all plumbing vents which penetrate the roof. It is made of Marine-Grade silicone and has it’s own lifetime warranty. This covers dry-rot, labor, materials, or any other failure of the product. They offer this warranty, because if installed correctly, it does not fail.

Drip Edge – this is an exterior grade metal edge that is installed around the entire perimeter of the roof. It protects your new roof from driving rain, snow laying on the roof, squirrels, carpenter bee’s, woodpeckers, etc.

Starter Strip Shingles – years ago, roofer’s would flip over a shingle to use for the first row which outlines the roof. Now, we use starter shingle to do this. It has a line of adhesive that is in the correct spot, which properly seals the first course of regular shingles. This creates a water-tight roof system, from bottom edge to top peak – which again, helps protect from driving rain.

Ridge Vent – the installation of this new technology helps keep the temperature that same in your attic, as it is outside, even during the hot summer months. This saves on your electric and eliminates condensation which could potentially damage the integrity of your roof decking and roof rafters.

Custom Ridge Cap Shingles – again, in years past, other roofers made these, “cap shingles,” from cutting down 3-tab shingles. Now, theses are made in a factory, which ensure no jagged edges. They also now lock directly into our, “Snow Country Ridge Vent,” which completes our water tight roof system.

BONUS! – We offer shingles that are thicker than ever before. We have also added options for more granules and copper particles to prevent moss and mold from developing. Now, you can see why we have the COURAGE to offer such valuable, long-term warranties.




We offer high quality skylights as part of a slope replacement or full roof installation. They come as either fixed, manual, or solar powered options. We offer them with NEAT glass which helps to deflect sound, hold in heat or air conditioning, and allows rain water to wash away any unwanted stains or debris.


We offer high quality gutters and gutter guards as part of a full roof installation. We have a variety of different colors, profiles, and water flow options. Not only will the gutters that we design and install for you look beautiful, they will be engineered to properly keep up with and divert water flow away from your homes foundation, also. Our gutters are seamless, which means that they custom measured and fabricated, right on the spot.



We offer a wide variety of oversized vinyl trim components, stone façade, cedar impressions, and a slew of other upscale CertainTeed products. When you couple the creativity of our design staff, your imagination, and the professionally trained/ certified installers that will be servicing your home - the results are unfathomable. The gratification that we receive from making your vision come alive, is the fuel that drives our company.



We offer krypton gas filled windows in an endless variety of grid, paint, and interior finish patterns. They have the highest weather rating on the market, which only makes sense when you're making an intelligent investment in your home. With an all inclusive manufacturer warranty against broken seals, hardware functionality, screens, glass breakage, and interior laminates you will never have to install another window in your lifetime, unless you want to.