Do you have any promotions?

YES! We offer a few different ways to save money on the day of your estimate.


Our, "HAVE-A-HEART," discount can save you lots of cash if you are a first responder, veteran, current member of the military, or over the age of 65.

Additionally, we offer savings to anyone who is willing to fill a hollow spot in our schedule, known as the, "TEAM-WORK," discount.

These discounts are available to you and your family exclusively at the time of your appointment.


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What should I expect upon requesting a consultation?

We will contact you within two working days to schedule a visit to your property.


During that visit you can expect to be given the expedited grand tour of our company history and credentials.


Next, we will talk about your project, give recommendations, and walk around the property together.


Last, we will write up your proposal the same day and make sure it's in your hand before we leave your house! We know our business well so a speedy delivery of your roofing quote is no problem at all!


How many installers can I expect at my house for the duration of the job?

Typically a crew of 3-4 installers will be on site, but this will change as the job comes to a close - usually we spend the few last hours with 1-2 installers finishing up and making everything perfect.


How long does it take for my roof to be completed?

We are able to complete most roofing systems in one day.


I have three estimates for the same roofing job—why are the costs so dramatically different?

This could be for various reasons, including but not limited to…if the contractor carries the proper insurance, how professional of a job you are expecting, the method in which the shingles will be applied, the products being used, the amount of plywood being replaced, etc.


Make sure that you get a professional estimate that puts all of these details into a written, organized, and clear agreement.


Verbal promises are easy to forget and are often worthless.