Kevin Daly is a New Jersey native, born and raised in Mays Landing. He has 15 years’ experience in various fields of construction management. He spent the last 7 years (2012-2019) helping to grow his Princeton based company to the point where it was generating over a million dollars in revenue annually. He attributes his success exclusively to putting the interest of his customers’ needs first, rather than his own.

Kevin’s primary focus as the CEO at Dorothy Gale Roofing Company is treating you with respect, integrity, and clear communication. The roofing industry is full of contractors ranging from independent contractors to large scale companies and we fall right in the middle.  
We are here to provide a professional service that you would expect from any large company, but with the customer service and support of a small company. Our prices are competitive and you can expect us to be less expensive than any larger companies, because we only do a limited number of homes each year. We do most of our work through referrals and great customer service to keep our prices lower than the competition.



Here's why...


Insured - We maintain a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy on all people working on your home. With safety in mind, we will do everything we can to avoid any injuries on the job site. However, accidents can happen. In the event of anything being broken during the process of the job, or any injuries that may occur, you don’t need to worry about losing any sleep. Our insurance policy will cover any accidents that arise.

Licensed - We are licensed through both NJ and PA to work as a Home Improvement Contractor. NJ license number 13VH10236500. PA license number PA151651.

Warranties in writing - Our new roofs are covered by an all-inclusive 50-year warranty! If any areas on your home are not taken care of properly, you can be sure problems will show up in the first few years. We stand by our work for 50 years and will come out to fix any problem areas that you may find. Once we install a roof, we own it for life.

Options - Unlike any other roofing contractors, we offer various options from multiple different manufacturers. Other companies are hesitant to do this because they receive favorable pricing for representing one manufacturer specifically. It also allows them to reuse aged material on the next project and to more loosely manage their crews (since the installation is always the same). We do not believe that one size fits all, this is never the case. We personally manage our jobs to make sure that everything we promised to you on the day of your estimate, gets done. We give you these options so you can be sure that your getting EXACTLY what you need and want for your home.

Training - Our installers are trained thoroughly and regularly to keep up with new industry standards. Our off site training center is located 1 Campus Drive in Parsippany, NJ.


Roofing company pledge

Dorothy Gale Roofing Company is all about integrity, which is the foundation of our professional roofing business. Our reputation helps generate our referrals which in turn, fuels the future growth of our organization. Our clients rely on us to be outstanding, efficient, and reliable people which is why we treat their homes, as if they were our own - even when no one is looking.


Our pledge is to meet and exceed their expectations, each and every day. When we leave your house on the final day, you'll be left with a sense of calm and satisfaction, knowing that no stone was left un-turned & thinking to yourself, "That was worth every penny."