What's Dorothy Gale?


Dorothy Gale Roofing Group is family owned and operated by the Daly Family. Amanda and Kevin Daly lead a busy life, with the family to match (they have 6 boys and 1 girl). In their, "time off," you can find them traveling, creating memories with family, and doing everything within their power to make those around them feel special.

The name, Dorothy Gale, holds a significance to the Daly's for two reasons. Amanda's grandmother held such an influential place in her heart that it was a family decision to honor her life, by naming our business after her. Additionally, she loved the movie the Wizard of Oz and always felt a deep connection to the movie. This still holds true to our family, to this very day. When we push play, everyone gets quiet and a sense of tradition and comfort enters our home.

Who is Kevin Daly?


Kevin Daly is a New Jersey native, born and raised in Mays Landing. His team has over 70 years of experience in the roofing industry. Kevin’s primary focus as the President of Strategic Programs of Dorothy Gale Roofing Group is treating you with respect, integrity, and clear communication. 

Dorothy Gale Roofing Group was founded with a single purpose in mind - to transform industrial membrane creation and viability, universally. Our team combines vast experience in this space with innovative and disruptive approaches. By blending these objectives, Dorothy Gale Roofing Group has the connections necessary to navigate industrial bureaucracy, while leveraging futuristic design, development, and technology solutions that can transform how property management firms manage their portfolios. Our unique culture and proven track record of success are essential for our clients to deliver critical services that safeguard their livelihood for decades.
Kevin has this message for you... “To all I’ve crossed paths with - past, present, and future. I sit here pondering this letter, looking out at what we have created and will continue to build for the entirety of my life. My life’s work has always been and will continue to be pinpointed directly on delivering honest, unbiased recommendations. It just so happens that we serve clients in the commercial property market, such as yourself. Our proprietary & innovative processes deliver you unmatched peace of mind, in knowing that you are covered through any circumstance.”

Dorothy Gale Roofing Group: 7428 High Bank Rd, Mays Landing, NJ 08330. Telephone: (609) 813-5350

Who is Amanda Daly? 


Amanda Daly serves the company as CEO, bringing a vast entrepreneurial background and motivational mindset to the team. She attributes her success as a wife, mother of seven, and contractor to her relentless pursuit to eliminate procrastination. She has helped to build powerful, long-lasting teams in cosmetology, construction, and digital environments.


She has this heartfelt message for you... "I've been in the roofing industry for many years and I've come to find my home as a high-end, commercial roofing contractor, serving NJ and PA. I look at myself as a freelancer, not as a typical contractor who provides a one-size-fits-all approach but rather as a woman who deeply cares for anyone she does business with."

"My grandmother, Dorothy Gale (of Atlantic County, NJ) instilled the value of hard work in us at a young age. Because of her immense impact, I decided long ago to honor her life, by naming my business after her. She made me understand that when I receive a call from a potential client, what they need is someone that they can trust. "